Integration of numerous
Healthcare Systems
Integration of numerous Healthcare Systems including EMRs, EHRs, RCMs and various Databases is a complex task! Let the experts at Hexplora guide the way to your desired objectives of Cost Savings, greater ROI or enabling Managed Care models through their technical Subject Matter Expertise.
Our development team designed Hexplora’s comprehensive IT solution to easily integrate with, and unify vast data between third-party applications including EMR/EHRs and even RCMs to deliver more targeted insight across a central platform. As a result, our team also offers extensive consulting experience in Health System integration and other related IT requirements outlined below:
As new Care Models develop, all Healthcare companies, big or small will be required to coordinate vast patient data through a centralized system, generally an Enterprise Data Warehouse. The next major task will be to decipher this massive Population Data in order to apply it towards Cost Savings, increased ROI or efficient Managed Care models. The only way to achieve this objective is through building Healthcare Business Intelligence capabilities (Population and Performance Analytics). Upon building the Analytics, the information needs to easily be disseminated through the entire organization in a comprehensive format so Providers within the network can better understand their patient population and apply Care Management models. To accomplish this task, Enterprise Reporting capabilities will need to be built. Finally, your team will be required to build Predicative Analytics in order to attain your overall initiative of Cost Savings and greater ROI.
We offer outstanding expertise in all aforementioned subject areas and have proven experience through consulting for various Fortune 500, mid-level and small companies. We also built our comprehensive, cloud based, product from ground up as a demonstration of our consulting capabilities.
Our product or our consulting expertise, Hexplora is the right choice !
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