HEX Performance Analytics
with Risk Scores and Future Expenditure Forecast.
HEX Analytics provides business and IT users with data exploration,
visualization, and presentation capabilities using dashboards,
scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Users have
access to over one hundred pre-built dashboards and scorecards
utilizing more than 300 aggregate and derived measures, and Key
Performance Indicators. These dashboards provide direct insights
that allow users to quickly and easily identify key trends and
opportunities for intervention.
Hexplora’s wide ranging Analytics were designed by a team of physicians and healthcare
subject matter experts. All the available dashboards are organized into the following
pre-defined groups aligned with common business scenarios:
  • Provider Analytics
  • Utilization Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Clinical Analytics
  • Hospitalization Analytics
  • Nursing Home Analytics
  • Pharmacy Analytics
  • Savings Analytics
  • Disease Condition Analytics
The rich interactivity of dashboards lets users analyze the data quickly and easily to identify
key opportunities and trends. Users can also drill-down from any dashboard to the lowest
level claim detail on any dimension. Decomposition Tree in Hexplora Analytics is a powerful
feature that supports root cause analysis. We can analyze the details behind aggregate data
in a very intuitive and interactive fashion. Users can interactively perform iterative analysis to
identify and pinpoint problem areas when analyzing outliers or unfavorable trends using the
decomposition tree. The following is a summary of the key usability features of our Analytics
  • Highly interactive Browser based solution accessible from any computer
    or mobile device.
  • Drill down or up to see lower or higher levels of detail.
  • Time Intelligence to show performance for dynamic time
    periods or as of a particular date.
  • Change Sort order in charts and reports.
  • Unique Decomposition Tree provides a highly flexible user driven interface
    to perform root cause analysis.
  • Filter out empty items, isolate or remove items from charts and reports to focus
    on data of interest.
  • Change visualization by pivoting a report, or configuring the view type and
  • Add, modify, remove measures in charts and reports.
  • Ability to export Information and formatted Reports to PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and PDF.
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